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Salmon, Arugula and Friends

Everyone talks about what to do when your pantry is bare.  There are hundreds of sites dedicated to showing you super easy meals that you can make in 10 minutes with things you have on hand.  That's great the for the average american running around super busy, not caring about food.  But ...

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Kentucky Derby Pie

Well it has been a while since I've posted anything, though I've had this post in the works since the Kentucky Derby this spring! Hunter and I were invited to a Derby party, (hats were mandatory) and I wanted to see if there was any traditional Derby food that I could take, and that's when I ...

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Farm to Table at Glasbern Inn

This past week, Mike and I took our first step towards our dream of farming (to be honest, I think Mike's dream just includes the chickens!) and joining the movement of sustainable agriculture by visiting Glasbern Country Inn in Fogelsville, PA.

We've certainly been supporting our local food ...

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Guest Post: Tacos Postres (Dessert Tacos)

Another guest post from my Dad (of cayenne snickerdoodle fame).

~ Laura


One evening, it must have been almost 30 years ago, we were sitting around the table lamenting the lack of dessert and praising the virtues of baklava when our older daughter, ...

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Moussaka is something Hunter and I enjoy getting at Greek restaurants, so when I decided to try and make it at home I was certain I wouldn't be able to recreate what we have had when eating out.  I think we were both surprised that this recipe made a moussaka that was as good if not better ...

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Apple Strudel

I'm not a big pie eater but I do love a good strudel.  This was always my lunch of choice when I was younger and would go skiing in Germany.  The sweet creamy vanilla sauce mixed with the tangy apples and flaky crust are a sure winner for just about any occasion!  I took this to an Olympics ...

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Ice Cream Sandwiches

I almost feel guilty posting this recipe, because these sandwiches are so tasty and addictive!  They are fantastic in their simplicity, and I can't imagine anyone not liking them. I took these to a super bowl party a few weeks ago and they disappeared ridiculously fast, and I even got a few ...

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Tropical Fruit Parfait

**Yes, this was taken with an iPhone...I know, I know...but better not so great photo than no tropical fruit parfait post, right??

A few weeks ago, Mike and I took a trip down to Baltimore for the weekend. It was a great trip (we saw Owl City in concert, ya!) and surprisingly, we had two food ...

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Risotto, the Go-To Starch

Risotto is, in my humble opinion, one of the easiest and highest impact dishes a person can master.  For some odd reason people think its tough to make and quite honestly I have no problem with that.  Sometimes you need a dish in your portfolio that is perceived as challenging but can be ...

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Our New Go To Meal

Textured vegetable protein (aka textured soy protein) or TVP for short is our new friend. In case you're wondering, we didn't quite make it through our cleanse. The first 24 hours were pretty brutal with headaches, grumbly stomachs and incredibly low energy levels (duh, that's what happens when ...

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